Time out

Apologies for lack of posts for the past few weeks – a few things have been going on:

  • New PlayStation 4 has taken up A LOT of my time after work
  • Celebrated my 30th so drank…a lot!
  • Re-organising stuff for when I start University again in October (because I will be working full time and studying full time, there is a lot of organisation to do to prep me for this – I don’t cope well when there is too much going on all at once so I enjoy mentally prepping myself and getting everything ready way beforehand)
  • I have been looking at house-shares via video conferencing to move into and finally found a place which I will be moving into on Friday 12th June
  • Packing for the new place and adventure in my life
  • Working full time
  • I have also suffered severe tooth pain for a few weeks to the point where focusing on work was all I could cope with…other than that and some of the above, I spent my spare time continuously phoning the dentist to get an appointment (which I thankfully do also on Friday) and sleeping (one of my favourite pass times…)

Once I am sorted, settled and adjusted to my new place, I will continue running the blog on a weekly (or even more) basis.

In the mean time, I hope all my readers are staying well, healthy and most importantly, starting to adjust to the ‘new times’ as I like to call it.

Jadey xoxo

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