Crystals, Astrology and Psychology – a personal account

During my BSc (Honours) Psychology degree, for level 2, I have chosen a module called ‘Living Psychology: from the everyday to the extraordinary’. Part of this module covers why people believe in astrology and the like – I am ONE of these people despite studying a scientific degree.

Let me start from when I was around 8 years old or possibly even younger; I can recall my mother saying to me that I am a ‘Taurus’ or ‘Gemini’ but she was unsure which as I was born on 21st May (astrologically, Taurus goes into Gemini on this date in the morning of the year I was born, I was born in the morning). From this day on, I became very interested in Star-signs. Throughout my teens, I became even more obsessed with Astrology, Chinese Astrology, crystals/stones and tarot cards. I was always purchasing weekly magazines – gossip magazines as girls do, spirituality magazines and of course, Kerrang! as I was also obsessed with music, in particular, alternative music.

When I was 17, I begged my best friend’s mum (when I was in high-school) to read my tarots for me – she eventually agreed. This lady knew me a little bit but she didn’t know certain things about me, my family and my family from generations passed – aka, history regarding my nan, great-grandmother and great-grandfather; my best friend didn’t know much about my family history either, if anything at all, as I kept a lot of this to myself. My friends mother mentioned some things that blew my mind and made me more of a believer as they were not comments that could just be applied to anyone in any particular context – her comments were extremely specific, it would be impossible to relate them to another person or even time/place.

Fast forward 10+ something years, at 30 years old, I am still this way. After attending a psychic fair with another best friend of mine a few months ago, I discovered my birth chart, purchased some crystals (as I had never had crystals/stones of my own but in our house as decor when growing up) and had another reading done.

The inner conflict with me however, comes when I start thinking about psychology and science in general. Scientifically, the human brain and body is a machine built by science – from the heart pumping to the neurotransmitters in the brain to the spinal-chord to the nervous system that runs throughout our body.
Everything we feel physically is created by science. Everything we see is seen thanks to science. Everything we hear is heard because of science. Emotionally, everything we experience is also due to science and the chemicals released because of the situation and the way we interpret that situation – for example, if someone says to us ‘wow, you look so pretty’ – that will release oxytocin into our brain and make us feel wanted & loved because we interpret that comment as a friendly, warm & loving statement.
However, in contrast, if someone accuses us of doing something we didn’t do (for example), this can, if the comment is deemed hurtful and untrue, causes the body to release adrenaline – we all know the affect adrenaline has on our body – accelerated heart rate, alertness, shallow breathing (in fear) but in anger, adrenaline can also make an individual defensive, cold, abrupt, emotionally upset and even unstable.

Due to my personal beliefs and the facts of biological science, I have accepted that in some instances, especially during my module ‘Living Psychology’, I will sometimes read or learn that what I personally believe to be true will often be debunked by scientific fact – which is fine. This in no way means I will at all turn my back on what I have believed since I was a child (I am also religious), throughout my teens and twenties but it also does not mean I will in any way or form turn my back on what is scientific fact – for me, I believe both my beliefs and science work hand in hand.

I use an app on my phone called Nebula which not only has my entire birth chart, but also how the planets are placed everyday and how this will affect my day, week, month and years to come (where the planets are and how they move is based on scientific observation, so this is a perfect example alone of how science and my beliefs go hand in handthe Greeks very much believed each planet held a specific power – for example, Venus is known as the planet of Love and is feminine and Mars is a masculine planet, known to have the power of War – passion & anger).
I also have a beautiful amethyst crystal (among believers, amethyst is known to promote balance, inner peace, stress relief amongst many other properties) which I take with me to most places when I am staying away from home; I also have a quartz crystal necklace arriving this week (this crystal promotes love, patience & harmonywhich during this time of the pandemic, I feel I need right now).

As well as learning about astrology and crystals/stones, I have also learned through my own psychological knowledge, to ‘re-wire’ my brain which is possible if one is determined and strong enough to work through their thought processes, deepest feelings and emotions – this is basically biological science; if you know yourself well enough and have close friends/family to help you, you can certainly look into yourself more and amend any negative traits in regards to your personality or way of thinking that could affect relationships of all kinds, jobs, looking after your home, looking after yourself etc – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is something I have read a lot about in my personal readings of psychology and is a therapy based on tools to help a patient change and control their thinking processes; I have used a lot of tools that come with CBT on my own to help me go from negative thoughts and feelings to more positive ways of thinking and behaviour.

The purpose of this post really is to state that believing in astrology, crystals, stones, tarots and other psychic things as well as confirming scientific fact is actually a possibility. I started to get interested in psychology when I watched my first murder documentary series Snapped in 2006, I was 16. After this, I became very interested in many aspects of psychology – mental health, why people hurt others physically and emotionally and even kill, why people behave the way they do etc. In April 2018, when my neighbour mentioned she was finishing her degree in Psychology, I asked her about it and she confirmed I didn’t need any other qualifications or experience and I could also choose to do the course full-time or part-time. I enrolled as soon as I could and 2 years later, 1 level (almost) completed, I have realised that so many paths have opened up for me and I will decide on future modules, career paths etc when my degree is completed. During my studies, I have also found comfort in that, as I said above, one can believe in the ‘psychic’ world as well as seeing science as fact.

After all, who is to say a God, or Gods don’t exist? Who is to say science isn’t in fact a God within itself that builds and creates life? Who is to say earth doesn’t carry Karma? There is so much science can approve and disapprove, but when it comes to things that people believe and have personally experienced spiritually and of course scientifically, that cannot be explained, this for me, is proof alone that there is something out there bigger than all of us.

What are your personal beliefs/thoughts on this blog post? Do you believe in one or the other, neither or both? Kind comments only please – all opinions, view points are accepted.


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