Hello there,

I am Jade & I will be starting my level 2 in Psychology in October of this year.
For level 1, I took the modules ‘Introduction to childhood studies & child psychology’ & the compulsory module ‘Investigating Psychology 1’. I have found both of these modules very informative in different ways – ‘Introduction to childhood studies & child psychology’ was very much about not only the physical & emotional needs of a baby with it’s caregiver, but also how children interact & form relationships with others. This module also looked into how children behave, think & develop throughout their lives as well as the ethics & laws put in place to protect children from birth through to 16, sometimes even 18. ‘Investigating Psychology 1’ was very interesting as I got to learn & explore how psychologists work, how they research & conduct their experiments as well.

I still have 1 assignment due this week (Investigating Psychology 1) however, luckily, due to my heavy work schedule since the majority of the world has gone into shut down, I have been given an extension until Sunday (May 3rd). Once this assignment is done, that will mean level 1 is COMPLETED! I initially approached this degree with caution so I decided to do a module a year which is also recommended by the institution that I study through.

A year & 7 months after starting my first module (Introduction to childhood studies & child psychology) & 7 months after starting ‘Investigating Psychology’, I cannot believe I have come to the end of level 1 & I am buzzing, but also slightly terrified, of starting level 2.

For level 2, I have bravely chosen to do full time with some support that I have been entitled to after sharing some personal information with my institution. I have also selected & enrolled on my modules which are ‘Living psychology: from the everyday to the extraordinary’ & of course I had to choose ‘Investigating Psychology level 2’ (as mentioned above, it is a compulsory subject). The issue is, I work full time, 8am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday so studying full time that requires 28 – 36hrs per week is going to be pretty difficult considering the ‘wake hours’ in the week are 112 (this is if we all get an average of 8hrs sleep per week, as far as I am aware, my week averages to about 126 ‘wake hours’ based on 6hrs sleep per night, but sometimes I do sleep for a full 24hrs).

This blog is just to share some open opinions I may during my studies, some thoughts on articles I will read during the summer // term time as well as other intriguing information, study tips, books & just general wonderings based on psychology & even a quote once a month or week (not decided yet, possibly on a Monday or first Monday of the month).

I hope you all enjoy & leave some lovely feedback // thoughts & give a follow.


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    1. Thank you :). I will certainly be sharing my thoughts and I will also be creating an ‘Introduction’ page so readers can learn a little more about me and hopefully this will prompt others to engage and share / discuss interesting topics.

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